What is AABF? AABF I Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia    |    110 Companies from Africa    |    119 Companies from Asia    |    27 MOUs negotiated    |    Signed Accords in excess of USD 25M    |    Promoting Foreign Direct Investment    |    Improving the Economic and Social Statusquo    |    AABF II Durban, S. Africa    |    214 Companies Represented    |    97 MOUs negotiated    |    Signed Accords in excess of USD 75M
The Africa Asia Business Forum is a unique opportunity for selected businesses in Africa and Asia to meet and negotiate business deals, leading to the development of business linkages and expanded trade between the two continents. The Forum is designed to more...

Collaboration between corporations in different parts of the world has been the underlying driver for the accelerated global economic change. However, due to the consequent growing infrastructural disparity between the various continents, the economic and social effects have been increasingly accentuated in recent years.

The enduring vision of the AABF, going into the twenty first century, is to provide an elaborate but very accessible digital platform, the e-Forum, for greater collaboration between companies in Africa and Asia, continents endowed with an abundance of talent and natural resources. This collaboration will increasingly bridge the infrastructural disparity, with the developed world, and in the process, improve their collective social and economic status quo.
Interested firms should download the AABF III application form and the Secondary Data Capture Form. more...
The AABF involves a comprehensive preparatory process that is critical to its success. Capacity Building Workshops are organized in more...
The tentative schedule for the Africa-Asia Business Forum (AABF III) scheduled to take place in Dakar, Senegal, from April 13 to 15 2004, is now available online more news...
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